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We’re not a trash and recycling service, but we’ll make your trash and recycling pickup team ecstatic, because picking up nasty, stinky cans isn’t fun for anyone—including you!

Storing smelly cans in your garage lets that stink linger, and it can even make its way into your home. Even if you’re able to leave them outside, you’ll still probably catch a whiff now and again, and you also run the risk of animals rummaging through your rubbish. Plus, large outdoor trash cans and recycling bins are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, so every time someone in your family takes out the trash, they’re bringing that bacteria back into your home.

Curbside Can Cleaners started because we saw a need in Omaha. Homeowners have either had to deal with filthy, unsanitary trash and recycling bins or spend an afternoon with their power washer and a nose plug trying to de-grime the receptacles. Instead, opt for the easier option and give Curbside Can Cleaners a call!

Our Process

Our fast, effective cleaning trucks make cleaning unhygienic cans an almost entirely touch-free process. The arms on the back of the trucks load the bins, hanging them upside down above the wastewater receptacle. From there, high-powered jets spray an eco-friendly cleaning solution all over, rotating the cans as it works to ensure every nook and cranny comes out clean. The hot water helps loosen any buildup that has gotten stuck to the inner walls of the cans. Once the truck has finished the spray cycle, we place them back on the curb and take all the bacteria, viruses, smelly odors, and nasty wastewater with us when we go, leaving you with sparkling, stink-free cans!

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    Loading the cans
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    High pressure cleaning
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    Final result

If you’re sick of dealing with grimy trash and recycling bins, check out our pricing packages to find a cleaning schedule that fits your needs and budget. We can’t wait to get your cans sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized!

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We don’t just remove dirt, we also get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus that are usually in and around trash cans.

Our services are affordable, and we make use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly sanitization products.

Contact us today to find out how our high pressure, hot-water system can help turn your cans from contaminated to 99% germ free.


We bring all of the benefits of our residential can cleaning service to your business and your valued employees!
Commercial dumpster cleaning services available, contact us to receive an immediate service quote bid


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